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Story showcase

Welcome to Pojo's Story Showcase, we love to celebrate the amazing stories that are created through our products or in our workshops and want to share them here. 

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  1. Once upon a time there was a dog called Pojo. Whenever his paw got itchy it's time for an adventure. 

    Today Pojo wakes up, runs out the door and finds himself in a beautiful place with coral. He sees lots of fish and dolphin around. He explores the ocean and plays with the seahorses. He sees more coral and more and more. He saw fishes in seaweed, clownfish hiding in coral and eels were in the rocks. Pojo didn't understand what was happening. 

    "What's wrong?" he asked the fish but fish said "ahh!" So he turned around and saw a shark. Pojo said "help!" A dolphin saw up and got him and they swam to a shipwreck to hide. The sharks went away and Pojo found a magic button which took him home. 

    The End

  2. Pojo was sleeping when his paws started to itch then he went to Manchester he went on a shooting star to get there. It was warm and he noticed that he was in a stream. Then something grabbed his arm and pulled him up and Pojo said, "Thank you."

    It was Sam. "How did you get here?" asked Pojo.

    "I don't know I just woke up and I was in a stream." 

    Then they heard a noise, brrrr. "What was that?" asked Pojo

    "That's a saw," said Sam

    "How did you know that?" asked Pojo.

    "I read lots of books."

    Then when they saw a snake they ran then the snake was gone so they went back to bed. Next Sam woke up when Pojo wasn't there, Sam was terrified and he looked for Pojo but he wasn't there and it was night time and he went to bed. Then when he woke up he saw Pojo. 

    The End

  3. Pojo was asleep with Sam, his paws was itchy. Then he quietly slid off the bed. He was near the sea and something made him jump, it was a ghost. After he dived under and saw a shark. Pojo swam to land but the ghost made him jump into the water. Then the shark nearly ate him. After a dolphin came and helped Pojo. Then he got onto a boat. 

    After the dolphin ate the shark. He was safe now and he said thank you to the dolphin. He changed to a speed boat, he tried it and it was really fast, he was so happy. The dolphin was happy too so he squirted water and then he did a loop. Pojo saw another dolphin. After the dolphin that Pojo saw he did a loop.

    Pojo asked "what time is it?" 

    "It is seven o'clock."

    Pojo said "It's past my bed time. I have to go home."

    So he went home and went to sleep. Then finally he was at home so he went to bed and his paws was so so so itchy. Then he was dreaming about pirates. After he fought a real and scary pirate and then he was smiling at Sam. 

    The End

  4. Once upon a time there was a little dog called Pojo and he wanted to go on a trip to the future! He wanted to go somewhere that was dangerous. Pojo needed to find something he could travel in. Pojo found a time machine and it didn't work. Pojo got some tools and fixed the time machine. He opened the door and closed the door, that meant he got in it! He turned the clock and the time machine moved to the future. He got on a beautiful desert island. 

    It was a desert island with a rainbow on, an unusual island. Pojo found some friends on the island which were friendly! One was called Teco, one was called Mono and one was called Croco. Pojo wasn't used to this island but his friends showed him around. Pojo said, "Thanks."

    Pojo has to get back to Sam but he doesn't know how to. Pojo thought and thought but he just couldn't think. Suddenly he had an idea but it went! Also human monsters were attacking. Pojo was worried. Croco said, "Cheer up lad."

    Pojo stopped and thought. He had an idea this time it didn't float away! Pojo called the animals and insects. They ran to the human monsters and scared them away. 

    All the animals cheered but they were sad, very sad because Pojo needed to get back to Sam. Croco's tears dropped down his eye. as Pojo left he gave a note to the animals and insects which was saying "Thank you for showing me around the island and it was nice to meet you guys! I hope I will come back again." 

    Pojo went into the time machine. 

    The End

  5. One Saturday Pojo and Sam were having the best time of their lives. Sam's mum was sunbathing in the scorching sun. Sam was playing in the paddling pool with Pojo looking at him. Then a bored Pojo asked Sam if he wanted an adventure. Before Pojo could blink his eyes Sam was jumping and clapping his hands. Then Pojo's paws started to melt like melting ice cream, it was time for the story to begin. 

    Pojo leapt toward Sam and pulled him into the deep depth of the water. In a flash they were off. The landed on a sunny beach. After five minutes Pojo saw coconuts in a forest. So they were knocking them down. However they disturbed Mr Black Widow Spider They tried to say sorry but he did not accept. He started chasing them into the forest. Unlucky Pojo tripped and was bitten. So it happened Matilda was the ant she knew how to make an antidote. 

    "You have to get a handful of berries, a cup of worms and four fat sticks." Pojo was cured. Then he said to Sam, We had a busy day we need to go home. They floated through a cloud and reached home. They splashed in the pool and the splash woke mum. She asked "have you had fun?" screamed mum. "Oh yes you have no idea," they shouted. 

    Finally they some rest and to sleep. 

    The End


  6. One dark night, when all was silent and still, Pojo the dog was lying comfortably in bed with Sam. All of sudden he heard a loud rumbling sound followed by an incredible din. He scampered to the window and opened the curtains to see a monstrous tornado hurtling rapidly towards him. He opened the window to get a better view to find himself being engulfed by the tornado and transported to the country of Bomgrad. 

    It was a frightening place because Bomgrad was a war zone. Ten years ago Bomgrad had attacked the country of Isia and Isia defended themselves. Thousands of innocent people had been killed and buildings had been destroyed by bombs. The people of Bomgrad were kind and caring. They never intended to start a war. However, the evil king of Bomgrad forced the people to fight. Pojo was devastated by the war and the destruction it had caused. He was determined to make an end to the war. Suddenly he had an idea, he shouted "Tornado Tornado capture the evil king and put an end to the war." The tornado was magnificent it lifted the king into the air and then he disappeared into the tornado forever. There was peace between Bomgrad and Isia. It was time for Pojo to go home and back to bed. 


    The End

  7. Pojo gets itchy paws and finds himself in the Arctic. It's very snowy and icy and very very cold. 

    He meets a penguin called Pippa who has lost her friend, a polar bear called Poppy. 

    Pojo and Pippa go to the ice cave but Poppy's not there, they look in a closet and under the bed but still no sign of her. Pojo and Pippa carry on looking for her and go to the lake to see if she's gone fishing but she's not there either. They go to find an iceberg but some ice falls off and almost hits them after the ice starts to melt.  

    Suddenly they see some paw prints and they see Poppy in the distance floating away. Pojo and Pippa shout to Poppy but Poppy can't hear them. They shout louder and jump and up and down waving. 

    They build a raft out of the ice and use Pojo's neckerchief as a sail. They find Poppy and sail back with her. Pojo's paws start to itch and he goes home. 


    The End

  8. Pojo's in Sam's bed when his paws start to itch so he gets into the rocket that Sam has made earlier. He closes his eyes and finds himself sucked into a big black hole. He gets flung out and finds himself in space where he lands on Mars with a bump. 

    He looks around and sees a multi-coloured alien with fourteen eyes and lots of tentacles. 

    "Hello, I'm Pojo, who are you?"

    "I'm Bob," replies the alien. "Can you help me because my friend Astra the robot has run out of batteries?"

    "Yes of course I can help, but where can we find some batteries, have you got a spaceshop up here?" asks Pojo. 

    Bob replies, " we need to get to the next planet but I don't know how to get there." 

    Pojo says "is that Jupiter over there?"

    Bob takes Pojo to find his rocket ship but the rocket ship doesn't work because it's run out of fuel. 

    "Ah, we need to find some gummy bears and coke," says Bob

    Pojo says "I've got some in my backpack."

    So they fill up the rocket and fly to Jupiter but when they get there the spaceshop is shut. Pojo turns around and sees a spaceman. 

    "Hmm I wonder if that spaceman can open the shop for us?" said Pojo

    "Can you help us?" 

    "Yes I can, how can I help?" asks the spaceman. 

    "We need some robot batteries for my robot Astra," says Bob

    "Well you're in luck, I've got one left," said the spaceman. 

    Pojo and Bob fly back to Mars and put the batteries into Astra. Astra lights up and says "Bebopbe."

    Bob cheers and says "thank you Pojo for helping me to get my friend back. Come back soon."

    Pojo's paws start to itch and he finds himself back home in Sam's bed. 


    The End

  9. Pojo's at home when his paws start to itch, but first he has to have his breakfast. He puts on his shoes and his paws start to itch again. He closes his eyes and when he opens them he finds himself in Jurassic World. 

    There was lots of trees and rock and a big lake when suddenly he meets two dinosaurs, one was a purple spotty dinosaur and the other was a red stripey dinosaur. 

    "Who are you?" asks Pojo

    "I'm Billy," says the purple spotty one

    "And I'm Barry," replied the red stripey one.  

    "Can you help me find my teeth as I've eaten too many sweets," asks Barry

    Pojo, Billy and Barry start to look under the trees. They look in the bins, they look in a hole and they look in the mud but they still can't find Barry's teeth. 

    Barry's tummy starts to rumble so Pojo and Billy take Barry to the Dinodentist.  The dentist gives Barry some new teeth, some toothpaste and a new toothbrush. 

    With that Pojo's paws start to itch and he closes his eyes and finds himself back with Sam. 


    The End 

  10. Pojo's in Sam's bedroom when his paws start to itch. He picks up a shield and suddenly he finds himself in a big castle where he meets Princess Olivia in her bedroom. Olivia is crying and Pojo asks her what is wrong. Olivia is really scared because there's been a storm and bits of the castle are falling down. 

    Olivia's stuck in her room because some rocks have fallen against the door and the storm has blown the key away. Pojo starts to move the rocks but he struggles so Pojo and Olivia shout out of the window.  Fireman Sam hears them shouting and rushes to the castle in his fire engine. He raises his ladder and climbs up the ladder to get Pojo and Olivia.

    Pojo and Olivia climb down the ladder and Pojo holds Olivia's hand. Fireman Sam takes them for a picnic in his fire engine because it's a nice sunny day but it's not long when Pojo finds his paws start to itch and he goes home. 


    The End